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About Us

Commercial Pest Control

Five Point DTDS Service Approach:

  • Inspection of the premises properly.
  • Identification of the particular pest threat.
  • Analysing the root cause, target area and all probable service protocols needs to be established.
  • Establishing pest specific service protocols and other controlling methods. Ensuring rapid reduction of the existing pest population. Taking control of the situation ASAP.
  • Forming partnership with the customer is the key of success. In our service approach, we always form a partnership with the customer at every step we follow. We prefer to communicate to the customers at what step what we are expecting from customers and what customer should expect from us.

Red Zone/ 3rd line of Defence

Our protocols have been established keeping in mind about the pest biology~

Our SOP contains three line of defence::

  • Green Zone or 1st line defence: We know that about 90% pf pest problems come from green zone. To minimise the pest problem, it is very important to take control of the Green Zone first. Establishing 1st line of defence is the key. Our SPO said that acting on the shelter, nest, and harbourage of the pest at green zone is foremost thing to do. In most of the cases , it is found that this area provides breeding place for the pest. These breeding zones must be eliminated with the help of proper pesticide application.
  • Yellow Zone or 2nd line of defence: It is the gate way for the pest into your premises. As per our SOP, we prefer proper exclusion method primary and chemical control method secondary. Establishing proper exclusion technique will keep the pest away from entering your premises and determine the extent of success for Pest Management Programme.
  • Red Zone or 3rd line of defence: It is inside of your premises. Indiscriminate application of pesticide is not advisable somewhere strictly restricted. As per our SOP , application of mechanical control is more important. Choice of chemical is very important. Here we can apply the chemicals with ZERO residual effect or the produces which has less toxic than common table salt.